Building a Billion Dollar Culture

“A company’s culture is the foundation for future innovation.  An entrepreneur’s job is to build the foundation.” – Brian Chesky, Co-Founder of Airbnb

There exists an increased focus on company culture in the entrepreneurial world today.  Partly due to a company’s culture being controlled by the entrepreneur and being one of the most sustainable ways to create a competitive advantage.

What is company culture?  Being confronted with this question typically evokes a feeling rather than a definition.  This makes it a very difficult concept for the entrepreneurial world to articulate.  Even though defining the idea isn’t that obvious, we are however able to identify admirable examples of company cultures when we see them and in an attempt to provide some clarity on this subject, we turned to an organization with one of the strongest, most sustainable and prominent company cultures in the entrepreneurial world today: the JT Foxx Organization.

The JT Foxx Organization has been disrupting and raising the bar in the entrepreneurial and business worlds for over 8 years, with a presence in over 52 countries. After witnessing this organization’s rapid growth and success, we couldn’t wait to interview and gain some valuable insights from the CEO, JT Foxx, also globally known as The World’s Number One Wealth & Business Coach, on this fascinating subject.

It’s no secret that the JT Foxx Organization has one of the most well-established, powerful and globally recognized cultures.  Tell us a little more about the culture you have created.  The JT Foxx Organization’s culture is Family First.  It’s putting our clients first.  If we take care of our clients, our clients will take care of our profits and our success rate.  The idea is to treat our clients exactly like we would treat our own families and I think it’s that culture of Family First and Powered by Your Success that really has led us to being one of the top companies in the world.

How did you manage to build such a powerful global culture?  I give credit to one of my coaches.  One of his cultures at the University he was President of, was Be Extraordinary.  Everything was about being extraordinary and so I saw the vision that he had created and about 8 years ago, at that moment, I came up with Family First.  That single-handedly has changed everything because you know, Family First isn’t just something we say, it is something we do.

How important is culture in a company / organization?  Culture is extremely important.  A lot of people underestimate it because they have a small business or they are not very big yet.  Culture starts with you.  Culture starts with the leader, the visionary.  Your job as a leader is to create the vision.  The job of your team, your people and staff is to buy into this vision and if you don’t have a culture, you don’t have something that people want to fight for.  That’s why people at Tesla, Apple, Google and all these great companies fight.  They believe and overwork because they believe in what they are doing and that is the point.

What are the most important ingredients needed for building a successful culture?  First of all, you have to create that message like Family First, something hashtag-able.  Secondly, everybody needs to buy into it and then you need to explain the why instead of the how;  It’s not about how the culture works but about why the culture is part of it.  Too many people are how thinkers rather than why thinkers.

What advice would you give entrepreneurs who wish to build cultures within their own businesses and don’t know where to start?  What you need to do is start with the end result of what you want the culture to be, what your organization wants to be like and then work backwards.  Then you determine all the things that you need to do in order to make that culture happen.

Whether you want to start and grow your business or disrupt your own industry, make sure to attend a JT Foxx Organization event in your area.

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  1. Be exactly that.AUTHENTIC. If you are not AUTHENTIC , you are cheating yourself and the people around you. FAKE people only care about themselves and what’s in it for them.And that’s the sort of people they attract FAKE people.
    AUTHENTIC people are and care about themselves and the people around them.AUTHENTIC people attract AUTHENTIC people and want to make a difference in this world.

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