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  • 1 x Full Featured Article on
  • 1. Customized interview.
  • 2. Podcast version of article published on Spotify etc.
  • 3. Social media promotion.
  • 4. Your contact info in article.
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Consumers are increasingly researching online, looking for the right connection or representative they can trust and build a professional relationship with.
What is the first thing potential customers do?
They research you online.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, expert, thought leader, executive, or business owner, maximizing your digital presence has shown to bring more potential connections, customers, credibility and revenue.
Why should I be featured?
  • Gain competitive advantage by differentiating and positioning yourself as the authority or expert in your industry.
  • Attract higher paying clients.
  • Skyrocket your brand.
  • Control your online presence.
  • Increase your credibility (It’s always better when others talk about you).
What’s in it for me?
  • One full and exclusive, professional, online featured article (with photo/s) about YOU positioning you as an authority in your industry.  See examples (you will see some familiar faces).
  • Your featured article will include your chosen social media links and website/s so readers can reach you. Whenever this information change, you can notify us to update your article accordingly to keep it current.
  • Being featured on could increase your chances for future features by publications like,, HuffPost and other media and TV outlets.
  • You’ll be featured on the same platform as Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, Kylie Jenner, Elon Musk etc.

Will my published article be featured on Authentic Entrepreneur’s homepage?

Yes! Every article is featured on our main homepage as well as on our “Authentic Entrepreneurs page. If you don’t see it right away, simply scroll down to the date it was published. 

Will my featured article be up forever?

We generally do not take articles down once they are live. Although, we cannot guarantee anything. We recommend that as soon as your article is live, you save a PDF copy, frame it for your office (great ideas here) , post on your website/blog, and share on all of your social media platforms. 

How can I maximize the exposure from my published article?

An interview like this can be a great opportunity to spread the word about your idea, message, product, business etc. When your article is live, it will be seen by the organic traffic of the website and the internet. However, because we frequently publish content online, your article may get less views unless you take the following measures.

  1. The easiest thing to do is to share your article on your social media channels, and thank and tag the name of the publication (Authentic Entrepreneur). This way your article will be seen by multiple audiences. This is also standard etiquette and is a polite way to thank the publication. In addition, if your article gets a lot of attention, other publications might notice and may want to feature you on their platforms as well.
  2. You can repost your article on your own blog or website. This will expose the article to your audience and boost the article’s prominence in search results.
  3. You can include your article or the link in your email/s and newsletters.
  4. You can add the link to your article under the “Featured” section of your LinkedIn profile.
  5. On our end, we will share your article with our audience and on our social media platforms tagging you and/or your business.
  6. You can save a PDF copy of your featured article and frame it for your office (see some great ideas here).
How can I get featured?
  1. Make payment.
  2. Complete and submit application form below.
  3. Once your application has been processed, we will email you further instructions to get started where after your customized interview questions will be emailed to you.

*Note: Applications are subject to a screening and selection process to maintain the authenticity of this platform and value for our readers. Authentic Entrepreneur has the right to decline feature applications if it does not adhere to requirements.

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