Jose J Garcia: Providing a Home to People in Need One Home at a Time

“My passion for investing in mobile homes has always been the ability to give back to the community by providing affordable housing (this is what mobile homes really are)”

We had the privilege to interview real estate investor, coach, mentor and public speaker Jose J Garcia. Jose is the owner and founder of Mobile Home Partnering and Garcia Mobile Home University who’ve been investing in mobile homes for 7 years and closed near 500 deals across the United States.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your journey and how this passion started?

So I started first investing 7 years ago with only 1 mobile home. I ended up fully rehabbing it alone and later turned it into a rental. That first year I went on to rehab 9 more homes and a total of 10 rentals. Much of the reason I rehabbed alone was both due to finances and a lack of contractors wanting to work or do the job. Early on, having limited knowledge and lacking a coach, I only knew how to get the job done.

My passion for investing in mobile homes has always been the ability to give back to the community by providing affordable housing (this is what mobile homes really are).

After my first year I moved into the next level of mobile home investing – selling and offering financing. A similar concept, but now also providing the option for people to own a house they can call home. Most banks and/or credit unions here do not finance mobile homes, which positions us to finance.

In the past 7 years I have done well over 400 mobile home transactions and currently cover the entire South East of the USA. We now provide all services within mobile homes and are growing. Our passion continues to be to provide affordable housing to less fortunate people and lower income individuals, soon across the board.

Could you name a few of the major misconceptions that exists in the real estate investment industry today?

Within the mobile homes industry, the biggest misconception is depreciation – that all mobile homes depreciate. This is completely incorrect. If structured correctly, mobile homes actually appreciate. Along with this, a very strong negative stigma that all mobile homes and mobile home parks are full of drugs and for “low life” people still exists, when in fact, there are many very nice communities and even some retirement parks.

Looking at your website, Garcia Mobile Home University seems to be an all-in-one service provider in the real estate investment industry. What are some of the services that you typically assist your clients and coaching students with?

Yes, so we are a “one-stop-shop” for mobile home services and investor education. Our services include:

  • Buying and selling mobile homes
  • Financing homes
  • Transporting homes
  • Infill pads at parks
  • Demo housing
  • Providing affordable housing and much more

On the education side of Garcia Mobile Home University, we are not only creating other real estate investors, but coaching people how to invest and give back. Here in America, we have a large shortage of housing and even greater when it comes to affordable housing. Our goal is to step-by-step teach and coach investors (students) how to acquire and invest, conduct full services and give back.

What makes mobile home investment more attractive than your more typical or conventional investments?

Mobile homes are the hidden side of real estate. Mobile homes have a low entry, low risk and high reward in Return On Investments. Our ROIs on average are anywhere from 400 – 700% and higher. Mobile homes are also much easier to invest in and close. Mobile homes are considered personal property and not real estate which also makes it much simpler. 

How important is it for people to not only invest, but invest wisely?

VERY. It is imperative that people first do their homework, partner up or find the right coach who can show them the right investments to wisely get into and successfully profit from. 

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