11 Ways to Develop Credibility

Trust is built on credibility and credibility comes form acting in others’ interests before your own.

Stephen Denny
  1. Find your niche. The Cambridge dictionary defines “niche” as “an opportunity for a business to offer a product or service that is not offered by other businesses”. In other words, what makes your product or service unique and different than your competitors’?
  2. Social media. Use social media to your advantage to create credibility.
  3. Associate with the best in your industry and get them to acknowledge you. Identify the leaders in your industry and find a way to work together or add value.
  4. Fulfill all promises. Always under promise and over deliver on your promises. It will also make it much easier to source quality and organic referrals.
  5. Be an expert in your field. Your experience should back up what you are selling.
  6. Do what you are passionate about or be passionate about what you do. When you have passion, you will never get tired. 
  7. Show others your commitment. Actions speak louder than words. Always back your words up with action.
  8. Be authentic. When you are true to yourself and transparent, it will be much easier for people to relate to you and trust you.
  9. Consistent track record.  If someone calls you out on something, you’ll have proof to fall back on.
  10. Have an online presence. We live in a society where people constantly search things on the internet. When not meeting in person, first impressions are more often formed online. If your business does not have a website, you instantly lose credibility.
  11. Testimonials (video testimonials are the best). Consistently gather reviews and testimonials from previous customers and have it visible online. Video testimonials are the most powerful. People want a sense of security before investing.
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