6 Things Learnt from Mark Wahlberg

Authentic Entrepreneur’s Founder had the honor of being selected as one of the international speaker judges for the auspicious global event, Mega Success, organized by the JT Foxx Organization attended by 2500 highly successful entrepreneurs from 72 countries around the world.

“It was so refreshing to see how authentic and down-to-earth this family man is” 

    1. The more authentic and grounded you are, the higher you will rise. This statement sounds very contradicting but this is where 99% of people fail on their way to the top. Oh how we humans love our egos and unfortunately, the bigger your head, the harder and faster the fall. Some of the most successful people you will meet in your life are the most authentic and humble.
    2. You can have it all. Although Mark is away from home for long periods at a time while shooting movies, his family still remains his number one priority. He is a family man to the core and understands what is important in life. If you really want strong family relationships and be successful, you can do it. It just takes commitment and planning. Family is the anchor of your life.
    3. Always remember where you come from. Mark Wahlberg had a very tough childhood and even though some part of him probably doesn’t want to be reminded of the negativity from his past, he never forgets where he started, to count his blessings and make it a priority to give back to young people in similar situations. He takes the bad and turns it into good, not just for him but for future generations.
    4. Your life purpose is all about serving others. Mark realizes that he isn’t one of the highest paid actors just for the sake of popularity and fame but that his talents and this platform was given to him, together with the responsibility it holds, to make a positive impact in the world.
    5. Branding is a consistent commitment. Mark never goes anywhere without wearing one of his personal branded caps. Yes it obviously likes it but there is also strategy behind it. If you want to create a lasting brand, create a brand you want to promote every minute of every day and one you can be proud of. If you are serious about getting your brand out there, you need to be consistent and 100% committed to it day in and day out.
    6. Yes, he does have guns of steel ladies!

Authentic Entrepreneur Founder, Mareli ME Scott back stage with Mark Wahlberg and Mega Success founder, JT Foxx in Los Angeles.

Authentic Entrepreneur Founder, Mareli ME Scott back stage with Mark Wahlberg and Mega Success Founder, JT Foxx in L.A.

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